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Want to get involved with 350NH in your local community?

Chapters are regional working groups that support our campaigns, put on stand-alone events, and build community. Joining or launching a 350NH chapter means joining a powerful international network of people fighting for climate justice. We are stronger together. 350NH chapters are crucial to addressing the climate crisis in NH.

Where are our chapters?

Currently we have chapters in the following towns and areas:

What Do Chapters Do?

What does it mean to be a 350NH chapter?

• Recognizable 350NH branding will give your Chapter institutional credibility and recognition.
• Access to the larger 350 network of support includes monthly webinars and opportunities to attend trainings.
• 350NH provides organizational infrastructure including Action Network, a website page and support using digital tools.
• Chapters have funding available for campaigns and programs.
• Monthly check-in/coaching calls help your group grow and stay connected to the statewide movement.

Join a Volunteer Team

Support 350NH remotely

350NH Teams are topic-specific ways to support our mission and vision. Rather than local area-based chapters, the teams meet remotely with volunteers from across the state. 350 New Hampshire teams assist with media coordination, arts and graphic design, grassroots fundraising, and building our base of supporters. These teams are great for people who don’t live near a chapter or have a particular interest in an area of work and would like to volunteer their time to help out.

Media & Art

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The 350NH Media & Art team works together from across the state to change the narrative about the climate crisis. They track 350NH media hits, prepare press materials, build art for actions, assist with social media campaigns, and run op-ed/letter to the editor campaigns.
Fundraising - Active


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The 350NH Grassroots fundraising team helps support the continued existence and growth of 350NH by hosting fundraisers, planning events, and doing outreach to help raise funds for the organization.

Our Remote Volunteer Teams

Outreach - Active


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The 350NH Outreach team tracks local New Hampshire events that 350NH should be present at and helps build our list of potential volunteers by tabling at events, planning community events, appearing on the radio, and recruiting volunteers for days of action.

Join 350NH


Check out “State House Watch” – the Radio Show our 350NH Outreach Team has been working on.


  • Chapters are groups of local 350NH volunteers run by leaders in the community where you live.
  • Chapters run local campaigns and participate in statewide 350NH campaigns and mobilizations.
  • Chapters use 350NH Branding and have access to our network and materials.
  • Chapters work within 350NH’s mission, vision and theory of change.
  • Chapters collaborate with 350NH to build a strong community of volunteers and supporters.

Chapters have access to a greater network of climate justice organizers through 350NH and run local campaigns with our organizational support. We can provide resources to help you pass a town ordinance, host a climate strike, or push for local divestment campaigns. Let us know if you want more information and we can set up a meeting!

  1. Find one or two friends who can commit to lead the chapter for a minimum of one year. This means scheduling meetings, recruiting new members and coordinating with 350NH Staff.
  2. Connect with 350NH staff (email us, directly, or sign up to start a chapter through our website)
  3. Schedule a 350NH onboarding training for core leaders and people involved in the node.  The onboarding training is a half day or full day training on climate movement messaging, political alignment, grassroots organizing and 350NH campaigns and structure.
  4. Have an official kick off meeting with 350NH Staff in attendance.

Teams are not-regionally specific like chapters are. They provide spaces for community members to help us grow our movement and to make change state-wide. They are also skill-specific for people who want to fundraise, write, design, or table.

Donate to 350NH

As a small organization, we need your donations to continue our fight against climate change