Why Support 350NH:

350NH is funded by people like you and me. We are able to offer ninety nine percent of our events and trainings free of charge or on a sliding scale because of your support.  

We rely on donations from our supporters to run effective campaigns, support grassroots resistance to fossil fuel infrastructure, and to compensate our staff.  

We operate with a tight budget and every dollar makes a difference in our work. Have a question about how to support the grassroots climate movement here in NH? Email

Can you help us reach our $5000 goal to fight the Granite Bridge Pipeline?

Liberty Utilities proposes to build a fracked gas pipeline from Manchester to Stratham and a storage facility to hold 2 Billion cubic feet of fracked gas in Epping.

Why We Need to Stop the Pipeline:

  • Fracked gas pipelines lock us into using dirty fossil fuels for decades to come and stand in the way of building renewables.
  • Burning methane (natural) gas causes global climate change.
  • Pipelines put the health and safety of frontline communities in NH at risk as well as the communities living frontline to extraction.
  • The Granite Bridge will cost ratepayers $340 Million Dollars, paid for through rate increases until 2076.

We have the renewable energy solutions that we need. With your support, we can REFUSE and RESIST the Granite Bridge pipeline and create the renewable energy future that we need in our communities.

We need your support to fight this pipeline!


Monthly Sustaining Members

We are a grassroots nonprofit funded by the people who live work and play in the Granite State.  We are not funded by and we never take dirty money from big businesses. We cannot do this work without you.

Become a monthly member to support the climate movement in NH

We are training the next generation of activists and leaders to fight for climate justice in our communities. We are running a campaign to bring offshore wind to NH and to stop the dangerous and costly Granite Bridge Pipeline (fracked gas pipeline).

With your support we will:

  • Resist all new fossil fuel infrastructure
  • Build a renewable energy economy
  • Train and empower our community to take action on climate

We have climate deniers in office, and fracked gas pipelines being proposed around our state.  Our communities and our climate are at risk.  We need your support to build the climate movement and protect the things we love.

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Your donation of $5, $10, or $29.17 a month will give us the flexibility to organize with communities around the state to stop the climate crisis.