Intersectional Panel 9/28

Discussing environmental and cultural impacts through different lenses: a panel of community leaders representing social justice movements in New Hampshire. Join 350NH for a panel which brings together leaders from the economic, racial, immigrant, and gender movements. Through the panel, 350 NH hopes to highlight where all of these movements intersect in their fights, and (More...)

Meet Devi: collecting 1,001 stories on water and climate

Hi! My name is Devi and I’m a poet and environmental journalist from New Hampshire.  For the last four years I have been traveling in 11+ countries, mostly on my bicycle, on a mission to collect 1,001 stories from people I meet about water and climate change. When people are comfortable with it, I make an audio recording of their story. (More...)

350NH Launches Regional Nodes

350 New Hampshire is pleased to announce that we had two kick-off meetings over the past few weeks. The meetings were facilitated by Griffin Sinclair-Wingate and 350NH leaders at venues in Durham and Concord.  At the meetings, 350NH announced regional working groups, also known as ‘nodes’.  350NH is a group of community members concerned about (More...)

Announcing Upcoming Strategy Sessions

Join 350 NH at one of our upcoming regional strategy sessions.  At these strategy sessions we will get caught up on our current campaigns, discuss summer projects, and build community.  We will also be launching 350NH nodes!  Nodes are regional working groups that support 350NH’s longterm campaigns, put on standalone events/actions, and develop community.  We’re excited (More...)