Offshore Wind Political Training

Chris Sununu has said if we can show public support for offshore wind he will take the first step in bringing offshore wind to our state. This would be a huge step forward for our climate and our economy.  To show public support we are passing ballot measures across the state, but we can’t do (More...)

Public Comment on NH’s Energy Strategy

Governor Sununu’s staff will be traveling the state on a listening tour to hear what your community wants in NH’s 10 Year Energy Strategy.  This is a HUGE opportunity for us to push for a transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewables.  As you know, if we can transition to 100% renewable energy we (More...)

Offshore Wind Resolution Passes In Portsmouth

The Portsmouth City Council passed a resolution calling on Governor Sununu to start the process for bringing offshore wind to New Hampshire. This would mean requesting a task force from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.  The Task Force would survey the coast of New Hampshire and speak with the community to determine the viability (More...)

Intersectional Panel 9/28

Discussing environmental and cultural impacts through different lenses: a panel of community leaders representing social justice movements in New Hampshire. Join 350NH for a panel which brings together leaders from the economic, racial, immigrant, and gender movements. Through the panel, 350 NH hopes to highlight where all of these movements intersect in their fights, and (More...)

Meet Devi: collecting 1,001 stories on water and climate

Hi! My name is Devi and I’m a poet and environmental journalist from New Hampshire.  For the last four years I have been traveling in 11+ countries, mostly on my bicycle, on a mission to collect 1,001 stories from people I meet about water and climate change. When people are comfortable with it, I make an audio recording of their story. (More...)