Youth Organizing Team


Young people will be the hardest hit by the climate crisis. Everyday we wait to transition to 100% renewable energy the climate crisis intensifies. Today’s youth will be the first responders to climate disasters, the farmers feeding our world amidst sporadic growing seasons and erratic weather, and the politicians navigating the displacement of millions of people from coastal communities.

Young people are essential in bringing key decision makers to our side. Decision makers are swayed by powerful stories that directly connect their actions to peoples lives. Young people are armed with powerful stories about how the climate crisis will impact their future if decision makers don’t act now. 350NH provides youth with a baseline knowledge of climate science and training on how to deliver persuasive testimony so that they can be powerful actors pushing for climate action.

350NH is positioned to effectively organize high school students. 350NH’s staff are experienced youth organizers in their early to mid twenties. This gives us a unique ability to understand the challenges and opportunities that come along with student organizing and to build meaningful relationships with students.

Our Program:


  • Connect: 350NH is bringing together young people with diverse backgrounds from around the state to organize solutions to the climate crisis.
  • Coordinate: 350NH is facilitating meetings and trainings that will help students coordinate their efforts.
  • Create change: 350NH will coach students on how to run strategic campaigns to achieve real change.


350NH Provides:


  • Mentorship: 350NH staff will mentor student leaders with one on one check ins, organizing toolkits, and skills based trainings.
  • Resources: 350NH will provide student leaders with stipends, supplies and swag to bring new students into the climate movement.
  • Tools: 350NH will give student leaders access to digital organizing tools and organizational infrastructure to turn online supporters into offline organizers and to maintain momentum over summer breaks and luls between large mobilizations.


Get Involved

Are you a high school student interested in promoting climate justice in your school? Not sure how to organize or just want to learn more about fighting the climate crisis? Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Join our bi-weekly video calls with our youth organizing team!
  • Plan a climate strike at your school with 350NH!
  • Join one of our monthly training calls lead by our high school training fellow!
  • Email to connect with our youth recruitment fellow and have a one-on-one!