NH Offshore Wind



Our use of fossil fuels has lead to global climate change that is threatening our way of life. Our politicians have failed to take necessary action to transition to renewable energy, especially at the federal level. We must lead the way toward renewable energy at the local and statewide level.  For New Hampshire, this means offshore wind. There is enough wind capacity off the coast of New Hampshire to generate 2,600 MW of energy. That could supply our entire state with energy.


To construct an offshore wind farm off the coast of New Hampshire the governor has to request a task force from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).  This task force will talk with stakeholders, assess the coast and determine the viability of an offshore wind farm. If it seems viable BOEM will start a leasing process for offshore wind developers (this can include coops that will allow for community-owned power).


In the summer of 2015 we delivered over 1000 petitions to then-governor Hassan.  She failed to act before she left office. Our attention then shifted to Governor Sununu.  During the campaign trail, we asked Chris Sununu if he would support offshore wind. He said if there was community support he would not oppose it.  So 350NH set out to show definitive community support by passing warrant articles and resolutions around the state and working with businesses to send letters to the governor.  To date, 350NH has passed 20 resolutions and warrant articles urging the governor to request a task force from the BOEM to start the process of bringing offshore wind to New Hampshire.  On earth day over 100 people gathered at the capital to deliver letters from towns, businesses, and legislators to the governor. Now, as we move towards November we will make offshore wind a pivotal issue in the governor’s election.

Get Involved


People around the state are still working on passing resolutions and collecting letters from businesses Below is everything you need to join in the campaign.

Start by checking out our overview of the problem.

There are two easy ways to support offshore wind:

  1. Pass a resolution or warrant article. (Check out the site posted below.)
  2. Collect letters from businesses to send to the governor.
Passing a resolution or warrant article:
Collecting letters of support from businesses:
  • We know governor Sununu listens to businesses.  That’s why we are asking businesses to send letters to the governor asking him to request a task force from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to investigate offshore wind potential.
  • There are a few ways to go about doing this.
    • Email a business and see if they are interested in sending a letter to the governor then ask to set up a meeting.
    • Walk into a business and ask to talk to a manager or owner.  Present them with the letter and our info sheet.
  • When you go to visit a business, make sure to bring two copies of a letter of support and an info sheet.
  • Here is what you might want to say:
    • Hi, I’m volunteering with 350 New Hampshire, and we’re working to bring offshore wind energy to New Hampshire.  This would help stop climate change, create jobs, and lower electricity rates. To bring offshore wind to NH, Governor Sununu needs to request a task force from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.  This task force will study the feasibility of offshore wind in New Hampshire, talk to stakeholders and potentially start the leasing process for the area where the wind turbines would go. We know our governor respects and listens to businesses. So we’re asking businesses like yours to send letters to the governor asking him to request a Task Force. Would you be willing to send a letter?
  • Ask for a signed copy of the letter that 350 New Hampshire can deliver on our Day of Action.  We also encourage businesses to send their own letters.
  • Please email Griffin@350nh.org with any results (positive or negative).
More Resources:

Below are resources that may be used as handouts.  You might also find them helpful to further your own understanding of offshore wind energy.

How to ask Governor Sununu directly about offshore wind: Coming Soon!