Context: Our use of fossil fuels has lead to global climate change that is threating our way of life. Our politicians have failed to take necessary action to transition to renewable energy, especially at the federal level. We must lead the way toward renewable energy at the local and statewide level.  For New Hampshire, this means offshore wind.  There is enough wind capacity off the coast of New Hampshire to generate 2,600 MW of energy.  That could supply our entire state with energy.

Process: To construct an offshore wind farm off the coast of New Hampshire the governor has to request a task force from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Managment (BOEM).  This task force will talk with stakeholders, assess the coast and determine the viability of an offshore wind farm.  If it seems viable BOEM will start a leasing process for offshore wind developers (this can include coops that will allow for community-owned power).

Strategy: During the campaign train Chris Sununu said he would request an offshore wind task force if it had community support. We are using three tactics to show community support.

  1. Passing resolutions and warrant articles in towns and cities. These resolutions would have the town council send a letter to the governor asking him to request a task force on offshore wind.
  2. Organizing businesses to send letters to the governor voicing their support for offshore wind.
  3. Partnering with all types of organizations to grow this campaign and pressure the governor.

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