Major Hike June 25, 2013The second hike of the Tar Sands Free NH Hiking series was Mt. Major in Alton, NH. Mt. Major is the second most hiked mountain in New Hampshire. Four people participated in the hike.

The hike consisted of learning about Tar Sands and Trailbreaker/Line 9 pipeline that runs from eastern Canada, through Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. There is a plan to transport the “dirtiest oil on the plant” through the pipeline’s 750 mile route. 350NH is working to prevent the reversal and use of the pipeline and helping to preserve New Hampshire’s natural resources. Our hikes help bring attention to our cause and aim to educate the community on how our natural resources could be effected. We want to keep New Hampshire’s natural resources Tar Sands free.

There is currently a campaign to preserve the land around Mt. Major. The Concord Monitor wrote that The Society for the Protection on New Hampshire Forests and the Lakes Region Conservation Trust are teaming up to raise $1.8 million to purchase 950 acres of that privately owned land on or around Mount Major to ensure its future conservation. They have until Dec. 1 to raise the money.

If you’re interested in joining 350NH on future hikes, watch our Facebook Page for events or contact 350NewHampshire (at) gmail (dot) com.