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Teams are open to anyone in the state.

350NH volunteer teams work on media, graphic design, art, fundraising and outreach. Want to join a team (or have an idea for a new one to start)? Sign up on this page! Teams are great for people who don’t live near a 350NH chapter or who have a particular interest or skill.

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Chapters are regional working groups that run campaigns, put on events, and build community. 

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Don’t worry if you are new to climate justice organizing, starting a chapter is easy and we will provide the resources that you need and support you through the process! Email jennifer@350nh.org for more information.

4. Join the Youth Organizing Team

We offer fellowship opportunities for high school climate activists.

The 350NH Youth Team plans climate strikes, engages in organizing training, plans actions, turns out youth to fight for renewable energy, makes real change, and has fun doing it. Sign up today to learn more about what the team is working on and to join a virtual meeting!

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