Story, Strategy, Structure

350NH is a grassroots movement in New Hampshire dedicated to stopping climate change and saving our economy.  We do this by 1) stopping the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure 2) pushing our leaders to develop renewable energy in NH and 3) build a strong and resilient community.


For years we have been lied to by the fossil fuel elite.  We’ve been told that if we just change our light bulbs and shut off the lights we’ll all be fine.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth. To stop climate change we need a just transition away from fossil fuels to renewables.

We envision an energy independent NH, powering our homes and our businesses with sun and wind. We are fighting for an NH free from the fear of a rising sea and of climate disasters, and we are building the movement to get there. We need you, and your friends, and your neighbors, and their families, and their teachers, and their kids. We need everyone in this movement because together, we can make NH a leader on the climate.


Our plan is simple. Stop the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure, and demand renewable energy.  To do this we will need to strong communities who are well educated on the issues we face, trained on how to organize their communities and ready to take action.

The issues we confront are simultaneously global, regional and local. For this reason, 350NH works as a network: engaging and connecting a wide spectrum of individuals, communities and groups.  We recognize the people’s climate movement as one part of an intersectional movement. Therefore, we work towards climate action that promotes social, political, economic and ecological justice within New Hampshire and beyond.


There are two main parts to 350NH’s structure: campaigns and nodes.  Campaigns are focused on specific issues and fights that anyone from the state can get involved in.  Nodes are regional working groups that work to strengthen the climate movement in their community and support the work of campaigns.

We invite anyone to join us.  You can start a node by finding three people who want to work on fighting climate change and connecting with our volunteers coordinator. To join or start a campaign attend one of our  strategy sessions. Strategy sessions are where we decide what to focus on in the coming months and years.