.Currently, the state house, Concord high school, and many other Concord buildings are powered by a biomass facility that needs renovation.  There has been an offer from Green City Power to do a 20 million dollar renovation of the biomass facility which would allow it to continue running off biomass. HB 368 would have taxpayers pay to install up to 30 fracked gas boilers in State buildings and would also force the School District, City and downtown to do the same!

We are going to line the halls of the state house and hold signs demanding the senate capital budget committee make the choice that is best for our environment and our economy.  The action will start at 2:30 and the hearing will start at 3:00.

If HB 368 passes it will…

  • Force the state house, Concord high school, and other Concord buildings to be run off of fracked gas instead of biomass
  • Cost the taxpayers of NH between $20 and $100 million dollars
  • Hurt NH’s timber industry

Can we count on you to join us?