The NH Chapter of Sierra Club held its annual strategic planning meeting on June 8, 2013. 350NH’s Cathy, also a member of Sierra Club, attended. As a member of 350NH’s leadership committee, Cathy was able to provide information to the gathering about 350NH’s mission, goals, and possible actions.

NH Sierra Club members first heard from Kurt Ehrenberg about general campaign organizing methods and strategies. Kurt has been active in the campaign to defeat the “Right to Work” legislation proposed in NH in recent years.

Two brainstorming groups then discussed issues of greatest concern to the participants. One group focused on organizational aspects such as fundraising, increasing membership, and the formation of subcommittees. The second group dealt with issues closely aligned with the mission and goals of 350NH: conservation in the broadest sense. Several speakers emphasized the need to oppose the tar sands and support renewable sources of energy. A general awareness and concern with global warming was also clear. Most of the attendees spoke knowledgeably about the climate crisis and the need to stop the use of fossil fuels.

The day-long event ended with the proposal to form task forces to address identified areas of shared concern. Two task forces will focus on tar sands and global warming. Cathy will be meeting with the Tar Sands Task Force. It seems clear there are many areas in which 350NH and Sierra Club NH Chapter can partner in the months to come.