Granite Bridge Project


Context: Fracked gas is a major contributor to climate change worldwide. As the industry overtakes coal and oil, they are seeking to build new infrastructure across the United States. In order to maintain a livable climate, we have to transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. Fossil fuel executives see Trump’s time in office as their last opportunity to lock the nation into dependency on fracked gas. The Granite Bridge Pipeline, if built, will span from Manchester, NH to Stratham, NH. This pipeline is a poor economic investment, threatens our health and wellbeing, and will further propel us towards climate crisis. It is a direct threat to our 100 percent goal. We, the people of New Hampshire, are the only ones who can protect our climate from fossil fuels private interests.

Process: The pipeline’s proposal must first be approved by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and the Site Evaluation Committee (SEC). PUC will investigate if 1) the project actually needed meet demand and 2) If this is the best cost option to meet the demand. For more on the PUC’s process and timeline click here.  The SEC will examine 1) If Liberty Utilities has the financial, technical, and managerial capability to construct and operate the facilities and 2) If the project will have an adverse effect on aesthetics, historic sites, air and water quality, the natural environment and public health and safety.  The PUC is expected to reach a decision in 2018 and the SEC is expected to reach a decision in 2019.

Strategy: Right now, we have to build public opposition to show the PUC and SEC that New Hampshire will not allow this pipeline to be constructed. This means we must call on friends, family, and neighbors to organize and attend educational events. These events are a starting point for anyone interested in protecting their community and planet.  Then we must rally with the network we’ve created in public displays of opposition. The goal of these will be to educate the decision makers as to why this pipeline is a bad idea.


The Liberty Utilities Granite Bridge project includes constructing both a 27 mile, 16 inch diameter, high pressure (950 psi) fracked gas pipeline along Route 101 from Stratham through to Manchester via Exeter, Brentwood, Epping, Raymond, Candia and Auburn, and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Epping. This LNG facility includes a giant 170ft high, 200 ft wide tank sized to store 2 billion cubic feet of LNG (larger than the “Rainbow Tank” in Boston) as well as an industrial plant to liquefy gas from the pipeline for storage or re-gasify it for distribution. Why We Are Concerned:

  • The $350 million dollar cost will be passed onto ratepayers’ utility bills until 2076.
  • No ratepayer benefit – Liberty cannot guarantee that prices will stay low.
  • Much of the financial information about GB has been kept confidential. Secrecy is unacceptable.
  • Safety and health risks with the LNG storage tank/pipeline would sink property values.
  • Environmental concerns – Lamprey River crossings, and construction near Lake Massabesic, Manchester’s water supply.
  • The project would lock NH into fossil fuel dependency at the expense of a balanced energy portfolio.
  • This large overbuild threatens the rural character of NH and opens the door to the expansion of industrial infrastructure as companies work to expand or to get pipelines to coastal areas for export.

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To Governor Sununu, NH Public Utilities Commission, and NH Site Evaluation Committee: We demand that you reject the Granite Bridge Project, which includes a 27 mile, 16 inch diameter, high pressure fracked gas pipeline along Route 101 from Stratham through to Manchester and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Epping larger than the “Rainbow Tank” in Boston.  We have deep concerns about:  the $350 Million dollar cost that will be passed on to ratepayers; Liberty’s lack of transparency with the public; risks that leaks and explosions pose to public safety; damage to property values all along the route; environmental threats to the Lamprey River, Lake Massabesic, and Manchester’s water supply; locking NH into fossil fuel dependency when we need to transition towards clean, local, renewable energy; changes to the rural character of the region; and potential expansion of industrial infrastructure.  NH can and must do better for our economy, our environment, and the communities we care for. 

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