Remote Teams

Join a Remote Team

Our remote teams are new to 350 New Hampshire! We are starting remote teams or working groups, specifically to support 350 New Hampshire with our media outreach, graphic design, grassroots fundraising, and building our base of supporters. These teams are great for people who don’t live near a chapter or have a particular interest in an area of work and would like to volunteer their time to help out!

Media Team

The 350NH Media team works together from across the state to track 350NH media hits, maintain media contact list, prepare press materials, and run op-ed/letter to the editor campaigns.


  • Maintain accurate contacts for media in the state of New Hampshire & national allies
  • Increase local media content related to the climate crisis & 350NH campaigns (Granite Bridge, No Coal, etc)
  • Support 350NH actions by coordinating press materials


  • Staff Support: Rebecca (helps direct media team efforts & provides resources/support)
  • Media Team Lead: Schedules & facilitates meetings of the media team
  • Media Contact Lead: in charge of spreadsheets w/media contacts, helps maintain who the local reporters are
  • Op-Ed/LTE Lead: in charge of coordinating LTE’s & tracking submissions
  • Editing Lead: in charge of assigning proofreading of LTE’s/op-eds/press releases to the media team members
  • Tracking Lead: in charge of maintaining the 350NH Press Hits spreadsheet
  • Outreach team members: in charge of reaching out to their network and the 350NH network to find people to join. Assist in proofreading and writing LTE’s
  • General Team Members: assist in writing LTE’s and editing each other’s work

Graphics Team

The 350NH Graphics team assists in creating social media graphics, online content, memes, and flyers that follow the 350NH branding guide.


  • Create 350NH-branded content to share on social media and online
  • Support 350NH staff in making our content more professional
  • Help create the physical materials 350NH needs to expand our base and inform our community


  • Staff Support: Rebecca (makes asks of graphics team for social media content)
  • Graphics Team Lead: coordinates with staff member about any large design projects and convenes a team meeting if necessary
  • Graphics Team Member: anyone with graphic design knowledge who is able to be in a slack channel with 350NH staff and can make graphics from time to time
    • The idea is that Rebecca could post: “Can someone make me a graphic for a facebook event cover that says Earth Day Strike 2020” and whoever has time in the few days after that can claim the work and then send back the graphic!
    • The team could also use a person or two who is good at making memes that can be shared as well.

Grassroots Fundraising Team

The 350NH Grassroots fundraising team helps support the continued existence and growth of 350NH by hosting fundraisers, planning events, and doing outreach to help raise funds for the organization.


  • Raise money for 350NH from grassroots fundraisers to support the organization
  • Increase local donor base
  • With staff support, create fun community events, house parties, and other fundraisers to develop a donor network across the state


  • Staff Support: Jennifer (helps organize events and relays fundraising goals of the organization to the grassroots team)
  • Grassroots Fundraising Team Lead: Schedules and convenes meetings
  • Facebook Fundraising Lead(s): teaches members of 350NH’s base how to run their own Facebook fundraiser/tracks who is holding those
  • Outreach Lead: maintains a spreadsheet of people who have held grassroots fundraisers in their home/business and tracks who has been asked
  • Event Planners: grassroots fundraising team members who help plan the events when they come up

Outreach Team

The 350NH Outreach team tracks local New Hampshire events that 350NH should be present at and helps build our list of potential volunteers by tabling at events, going to networking opportunities, and recruiting volunteers for days of action.


  • Build 350NH supporters and list of potential supporters
  • Attend community events to promote 350NH’s goals and sign people up for our list
  • Identify networking opportunities and events that 350NH staff should attend
  • Recruit volunteers through phonebank and textbank to attend events and actions


  • Staff Support: Jennifer (supports the growth and goals of the outreach team)
  • Outreach Team Lead: Schedules and convenes meetings to develop outreach plans and help the team achieve their goals
  • Data Keeper: In charge of the spreadsheet of events that 350NH could potentially go to
  • Tabling Material Lead: in charge of pamphlets, print-outs, and one-pagers that need updates and printing for tabling events/handing out
  • Outreach general members: Attend events or canvasses when possible and assist as needed with phonebank and text bank efforts