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Tar Sands Free NH Hike, Mt. Major

The second hike of the Tar Sands Free NH Hiking series was Mt. Major in Alton, NH. Mt. Major is the second most hiked mountain in New Hampshire. Four people participated in the hike. The hike consisted of learning about Tar Sands and Trailbreaker/Line 9 pipeline that runs from eastern Canada, through Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Northern Trespass

The Flying Monkey in Plymouth was packed last night for the world premier of Northern Trespass, a film about Northern Pass by the Atta Girls. The film featured many of the local residents in the North Country who have been fighting against Northern Pass since its announcement three years ago, beautiful shots of the New Hampshire landscape and wildlife, and some expert opinions on the hazards of large scale hydro and tall electrical towers.

Energy Exodus

On Saturday, June 22, 350NH sent a representative to Climate Justice Hub where a meeting of organizers for the Energy Exodus gathered to strategize. The Exodus, part of the Fearless Summer and Summer Heat programs, is a march from Brayton Point, the largest coal fired plant in New England, to Cape Wind in Barnstable to bring attention to the devastation using coal has caused over the decades.

Sierra Club NH Chapter Holds Strategic Planning Meeting

The NH Chapter of Sierra Club held its annual strategic planning meeting on June 8, 2013. 350NH’s Cathy, also a member of Sierra Club, attended. As a member of 350NH’s leadership committee, Cathy was able to provide information to the gathering about 350NH’s mission, goals, and possible actions. NH Sierra Club members first heard from Kurt Ehrenberg about general campaign organizing methods and strategies.

Tar Sands Solutions Network

Here’s a great resource for those looking to get involved in the broader resistance to tar sands. From their About page Tar Sands Solutions Network is a growing international network of organizations including First Nations, environmental groups, landowners, farmers, scientists, community leaders, academics, and grass roots groups located throughout North America and Europe.