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Problem: The IPCC report says that we have fewer than 10 years to transition off fossil fuels. If we wait for governments and corporations to take the necessary action for a just and rapid transition to renewable energy, and they fail us and the planet, we stand to face irreversible consequences. Individual actions are not enough. The fossil fuel industry’s undue influence in our society and the entrenched socio-economic and political status quo rooted in fossil fuel dependency are barriers to progress.

Theory of change: 350NH will build and train the people-powered climate movement in NH. Our movement will use nonviolent direct action, grassroots campaigns, legislative advocacy, and digital tools to drive systemic change.  We do not believe that the climate crisis can be addressed through market-based solutions, educational campaigns or individual actions alone.

Our fight for climate justice is part of a larger movement to create economic, political, and social systems that work for all people.  The fossil fuel industry’s ability to corrupt our political system and destroy the earth is rooted in the same broken systems that have created a country that works well for a small elite at the expense of everyday people. We encourage our members to show up as allies in support of movements dedicated to creating racial, immigrant, economic, disability, and gender justice.

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