At 350NH we are dedicated to fighting fossil fuel infrastructure expansion, organizing for  a just transition to renewable energy, and to building an inclusive community of folks fighting for climate justice in the Granite State.  We strive to be an inclusive movement for all people and to support and cocreate with movements for racial, economic, gender, and social justice.


350 New Hampshire is a multi-generational community-led organization working to empower the Granite State to secure a more just and stable tomorrow. Our work is rooted in the powerful collective knowledge and decision making power of our membership and the wider New Hampshire community. We work to bring real climate solutions to the state and to stop new fossil fuel infrastructure by building community awareness and skills for change making.

The issues we confront are simultaneously global, regional and local. For this reason, we act as a network: engaging and connecting a wide spectrum of individuals, communities, and groups, coordinating actions and offering people a platform to express themselves on climate change and its connections to other social justice issues.

We recognize the people’s climate movement as one part of an intersectional movement. Therefore, we work towards climate action and community-building that promotes social, political, economic and ecological justice within New Hampshire and beyond. 350 New Hampshire is an autonomous affiliate of the worldwide organization 350.org. We work together to leverage moments of mass mobilization and action for pivotal moments in the climate movement, as well as bringing tools and resources to our local work.