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Offshore Wind

Wind energy to power all of NH

Rising sea levels and extreme weather are putting New Hampshire communities at risk and we need a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy to avoid catastrophic climate change. 

Lucky for us, there is enough wind power off the coast to power the entire state of New Hampshire. Building offshore wind power will create thousands of good paying union jobs and save New Hampshire rate payers millions of dollars. 350NH’s successful offshore wind campaign forced Governor Sununu to start the process of bringing offshore wind to the Gulf of Maine in 2019.

Granite Bridge Pipeline

We won: No Fracked Gas

350NH led a powerful grassroots campaign to stop the proposed Granite Bridge fracked gas pipeline and we officially won in 2020! 

Liberty Utilities proposed a 27 mile fracked gas pipeline from Manchester to Stratham and a storage facility to hold 2 Billion cubic feet of fracked methane gas in Epping. The Granite Bridge would have cost rate payers hundreds of millions of dollars.  Fracked gas infrastructure threatens the health and safety of Granite Staters and burning methane causes climate change.

We won’t stand idly while the gas industry profits off the pollution of our air and water. 

No Coal, No Gas

Close Merrimack Generating Station

350NH and our allies are running a campaign to shut down the coal-fired power plant in Bow, NH.

The Merrimack Generating Station is the last coal-fired power plant in all of New England without a shut down date. NH tax payers are being forced to pay millions in subsidies to keep this plant open, even though it would be cheaper to use local renewable energy.  If we want to stop the climate crisis, we must stop burning coal.

Green New Deal

Fighting for a Federal Green New Deal

We are campaigning for a federal Green New Deal though legislative advocacy, education, and community organizing. Since the introduction of the Green New Deal, we have called on our Federal Senators and Representatives to sign on to the resolution and fight for the renewable energy solutions we need for a more just, sustainable world.

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NH Renews

100% Renewable Energy for NH

NH Renews is a new and growing campaign to address our region’s overlapping crises: mass unemployment, racial injustice, the coronavirus pandemic, and climate change. We’re developing policies and programs, conducting public education, and building grassroots power to achieve a region-wide jobs guarantee, universal healthcare, affordable housing, racial justice, and climate action through state policy change inspired by the Green New Deal. We are working on the NH Renews campaign with a powerful coalition of grassroots organizations, labor unions, racial justice groups, frontline communities, and environmental advocates. 

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