Join an Existing Node


Join the Dover Node

Email Sam Tardiff at for information on the Dover Node and how to get involved with the Granite Bridge Pipeline resistance.

Join the Littleton Node

Email Kris Pieper at for information on how to get involved in Littleton and the North Country.


Start a Node

Nodes are regional working groups that support our campaigns, put on stand-alone events, and build grassroots community.

Starting a node is easy.  Gather 3- 5 people who are interested in taking down the fossil fuel industry and promoting renewable energy in your community and reach out to to get your group on the map.  Don’t worry If you are new to climate justice organizing, we will provide the resources that you need and support you through the process!

Dover Node

We launched the Dover node in June 2018. We meet monthly and have a current focus on Granite Bridge Pipeline resistance support. The Dover Node is youth-led and specifically geared towards young people who want to get involved in climate justice organizing. 350NH prides ourselves on being a multigenerational movement for climate justice. We have chosen to have a youth focused group in the seacoast because we recognize the need for a space specifically geared towards young people.

Email Sam Tardiff at for more info on how to get involved and join the facebook group here!

Join the Dover node if you:

  • Are young or young at heart (we define this loosely as millennials in their 20’s and 30’s.  High School students also welcome!
  • Want to join a community of young people and make new friends who care about climate justice and other social justice issues.
  • Are interested in learning more about climate justice organizing or activism.


Littleton Node

We launched the Littleton Node in December 2018. We meet monthly and are currently focusing on climate education and visibility, renewable energy support, and resisting new fossil fuel infrastructure in the North Country. Email Kris Pieper at for more information on how to get involved and like the facebook page here!

Read more about what we’re doing in Littleton.

Seacoast Node

We are in the process of building a Seacoast Node. Interested in getting involved? Email Griffin at for more information!

Central Node

We are in the process of building a Central Node. The Central Node will focus on the NH legislative process in addition to other campaigns and independent work.

Interested in being a part of the Central Node? Email Griffin at to get involved.