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A Green New Deal for New Hampshire


Policy change for 100% renewable energy

NH Renews is a new and growing campaign to address our region’s overlapping crises: mass unemployment, racial injustice, the coronavirus pandemic, and climate change. We’re developing policies and programs, conducting public education and building grassroots power to achieve a region-wide jobs guarantee, universal healthcare, affordable housing, racial justice, and climate action through state policy change inspired by the Green New Deal. We are working on the NH Renews campaign with a powerful coalition of grassroots organizations, labor unions, racial justice groups, frontline communities, and environmental advocates.


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Guarantee good, high-paying jobs to all.

Preserve and create jobs by supporting local, small businesses and by starting new public employment initiatives designed to improve and modernize our region’s infrastructure and make sure everyone’s basic needs are met.
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Invest in new and affordable carbon-neutral, climate-resilient housing units in New Hampshire.

Repair existing housing units and install green retrofits on existing buildings.

Mandate rent stabilization.

What NH Renews Means for Our State

Health Care

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Invest in community health centers in New Hampshire where people can go to receive local, free, comprehensive primary care.

Expand public education programs to train and certify more healthcare professionals improve access to low income, Black, Indigenous, and people of color.


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Increase support for existing local farms and build an extensive network of new farms across New Hampshire and the rest of New England by offering land, equipment, and grants.

Assist with and ensure sustainable farming practices for New Hampshire’s farms.

Support local agriculture by restoring natural ecosystems, rehabilitating damaged forests, fields, coastlines, and wetlands.


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Immediately ban new fossil fuel infrastructure.Ensure 100% zero-carbon electricity consumption for New England by 2030 through the installation of solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage devices and an investment in energy efficiency.

Provide extensive, free job training programs to facilitate a just transition into zero-carbon energy production and installation.

Expand energy efficiency standards to ensure that all buildings use entirely zero-carbon energy by 2040.

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Expand our public transportation system, making public transit efficient and convenient enough to be an attractive alternative to private transportation.

ii. Install electric vehicle charging stations to help make electric vehicle travel easy and convenient.

iii. Reduce the cost burden of buying electric vehicles.

Clean Air and Clean Water

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Launch a pollution cleanup task force to remove waste from frontline communities and to clean our rivers and coastline.

Create a New-England-wide, comprehensive recycling system.

Protect Indigenous sovereignty over tribal land.

Strengthen clean air and water standards and increase enforcement of existing regulations.

Replace water pipes made of lead across municipal and public buildings.

Our Campaign

350NH and our partners in the NH Renews Coalition are building public support for the Renew policy platform and holding our elected officials accountable to turn it into law. Our sister organization, 350NH Action, will be working to elect candidates who support this ambitious vision.

In order to win the NH Renews policy platform in our state, we need mass mobilization, community education, and political will to get it done. Our job is to build grassroots support for these policies and to put pressure on our elected officials to adopt them.

Click here to read the regional policy framework from Renew New England

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To: NH State Senators and Representatives

In the midst of the pandemic, New Hampshire faces some of the largest crises the region & nation have ever seen: historic unemployment, inaction on racial justice, and the ever-escalating climate crisis.

Too many of our leaders are failing us, at the federal and state levels. We need a broad and united front to advance solutions that center those left behind in our communities and that take climate change seriously. The policy platform of NH Renews includes issues such as Housing, Healthcare, Food Access, Transportation, Clean air & water, and Energy. We must address all of these in order to combat the climate crisis and build a more just New Hampshire. I urge you to endorse the platform of NH Renews, and work with Granite Staters directly to create the solutions we need to address the crises we face.

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NH Renews is a plan for how to implement Green New Deal-inspired policies in NH. NH Renews is also part of a regional New England Coalition. The  Federal Green New Deal is a plan for the entire nation.

NH Renews will create thousands of jobs building renewable energy infrastructure, public transportation systems, community health centers, affordable housing units and more. 

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