We launched the Littleton Node in December 2018. If climate change is left unchecked, our farmers, beautiful landscapes, winter tourism economy, and other aspects of northern New Hampshire will be increasingly under threat from heat waves, droughts, storms, invasive species, and other climate impacts. Folks from Littleton and surrounding towns (Franconia, Bethlehem, Sugar Hill, Whitefield, Dalton, Easton…) meet monthly at various venues in the Littleton area to discuss how we can promote climate education and visibility, support renewable energy, and resist new fossil fuel infrastructure in the North Country as part of the greater climate movement in the state and around the world.

Current and past projects include:

  • Renewable Energy Warrant Articles: In Spring 2019, we petitioned and passed warrant articles in the towns of Franconia and Sugar Hill that express the towns’ commitment to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2050. Renewable energy will provide a more sustainable, reliable, and affordable path to meeting our diverse energy needs in the North Country. In 2020, we aim to pass similar articles in Littleton, Bethlehem, and possibly other towns.
  • Documentary Series: We are planning a documentary series for Summer/Fall 2019 to raise awareness around climate change and other environmental issues, and showcase the positive actions that can be taken to enact meaningful change. Stay tuned for updates on the series!
  • Fossil-Free Warrant Articles: In 2020, we aim to pass warrant articles in local towns expressing our commitment to preventing harmful fossil fuel infrastructure projects such as pipelines and tanks. These projects consistently ignore the welfare of local communities and our right to a livable climate in favor of maximizing their own profits.
  • More projects are in the works!

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