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Please consider supporting the following bills:

  • HB 352 – would expand energy efficiency programs modestly and allow some funds to be used for renewables and efficiency. It’s also bipartisan!It’s being heard on Wednesday, 2/8 in Legislative Office Building (LOB) room 301 at 1 pm. Good way to support this bill would be emails to Rep. Herb Richardson (R) and Rep. Bob Backus (D) with a simple thank you.
  • HB 481 – this enables municipalities to ban plastics bags or have retailers charge customers for them. It is an ENABLING statute – if passed, municipalities would then have the agency to take these actions. The hearing for this bill is on 2/1 at 10:40 in Legislative Office Building Room 301.
  • HB 401 – would order the Public Utilities Commission to go along with other states in modernizing the grid that serves the northeast including allowing time of day rates.

Please consider opposing the following bills:

  • HB 225 – This bill is devastating. It would completely repeal NH’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, which would not only end the requirements that utilities have to procure renewable energy resources, but it would also shut down the Renewable Energy Fund, which is the source of all of NH’s solar rebates, biomass rebates and grants. This bill would be devastating to renewable energy prospects in NH. PLEASE Speak out against this bill. The hearing is on 2/7 at 2:00 in Representatives Hall in the NH State House in Concord. If you can come to one legislative hearing this year, this should be it. You can sign up to speak or sign the “blue sheet” in opposition.
    If cannot come, do send an email to
  • HB 559-FN – this would re-direct RGGI proceeds to fund more low-income, residential, and municipal energy efficiency programs (run by the utilities), rather than allow it to remain as embedded bill credits on residential customers’ bills (which are extremely small per customer). The hearing for this bill is 1/31 at 11:00 in Legislative Office Building Room 304. You can view some nice case studies about municipal Energy Efficiency projects here that have used the RGGI funds.
  • HB 592 – is another bad bill that would be bad for greenhouse gas reduction AND cost ratepayers more money. The hearing is 10 am, on 2/7 also in Reps Hall.