Since the election, I have talked to many people who are hungry for a way to create change.  If you are one of those people this is your opportunity to find a role in the NH climate movement.  350 NH has five teams working on projects that will defend what we have already accomplished and double down on our vision.  If you want to be connected to one of these teams please fill out this form.

Here is the run down of what the 350 NH teams are working on-

  • The Legislative Team will be choosing a handful of bills to either support or oppose through escalating direct action.
  • The Peoples Climate March Team is working on getting people from NH to DC for the next Peoples Climate March.
  • The Training Team is organizing a training series that will cover everything from organizing 101 to training for trainers.
  • The Offshore Wind Team will continue working to bring offshore wind to NH and help foster the just transition we need.
  • The Western Strategy Team is organizing a strategy session in western NH.

Please fill out this form to let us know what you would like to work on.  After you fill it out you will be connected to the team/s you are interested in.  This form also gives you the chance to identify skills you would like to share with us and send us any comments or suggestions you have.