On Saturday, June 22, 350NH sent a representative to Climate Justice Hub where a meeting of organizers for the Energy Exodus gathered to strategize. The Exodus, part of the Fearless Summer and Summer Heat programs, is a march from Brayton Point, the largest coal fired plant in New England, to Cape Wind in Barnstable to bring attention to the devastation using coal has caused over the decades.

006Gathering together over a table of homemade food, the potluck was designed to bring members of the climate justice community together to network, share ideas, and plan the march itself. 350NH will be working in conjunction with Better Futures Project, 350MA and Climate Justice Hub to bring as many New Hampshire-ites to the historic march in August.

350NH will be working in communities across the state to bring the message to all who live, work, and play in New Hampshire. 350NH looks to work collaboratively with environmental organizations to mobilize members to join the 6 day march. If you want to join us, contact 350NH at 350NH (at) gmail (dot) com.