A group of students at Dartmouth College have coalesced to press Dartmouth into divesting from Fossil Fuels. Called 942256_558892267497001_1555052237_nDivest Dartmouth the group hosted Terry Tempest Williams and Bill McKibben on Monday May 13, 2013 at an event at the college.

It was standing room only in the auditorium at Dartmouth. Over 100 students, faculty, and members of the community joined Ms. Williams and Mr. McKibben for the evening. The night was led by youth organizers who then passed the mic to Ms. Williams who encouraged students by saying “You are creating a disruption. I value that disruption!” to loud applause. As she ended her time at the microphone she presented Mr. McKibben with a braid of sweet grass made the day before at the Pow Wow held annually at Dartmouth.

Mr. McKibben spoke to the crowd about how climate change is affecting the entire planet. “The Bay of Bengal is warmer than it’s ever been” stated the climate change leader “and because of this warming, storms are getting worse.” He encouraged the audience to prepare for millions and millions of climate refugees. He reminded the crowd poor countries are paying the price without ever having been part of the problem. He encouraged students to talk to their elders to convince them to “do the right thing”. He reminded those gathered this is the “biggest change made” thus far and prompted us to continue with disrupting the fossil fuel industry.

The night ended with a Q&A. There were, of course, more questions than time.