350 New Hampshire Celebrates Denial of Rate Hikes to Pay for Failed Granite Bridge Pipeline

photo of a crowd in front of the state house with climate themed signs including some that say stop the pipeline and tank!

Dover, NH – Grassroots organizers with 350 New Hampshire celebrate the NH Supreme Court decision to deny Liberty Utilities’ request for a rate increase to recover the money they lost pursuing the Granite Bridge Pipeline. Liberty originally asked the Public Utilities Commission for the ability to have ratepayers pay for the failed Granite Bridge project, were denied, and took their fight to the Supreme Court. After wasting even more money in their attempts to make NH residents pay for climate-destroying fracked gas, Liberty must move on beyond the Granite Bridge. 

“Ratepayers of NH should not be responsible for our utility companies’ continued attempts to expand fracked gas use,” said Rebecca Beaulieu (she/her), Communications Director for 350NH. “I am pleased with the Supreme Court’s ruling and hope that Liberty realizes the time for fracked gas is in the past. We need utility companies to prioritize clean, renewable energy expansion that lessens energy cost burdens on everyday people.”

350 New Hampshire fought the Granite Bridge Pipeline project in 2017 when Liberty first proposed it, citing concerns about community health, safety, and climate crisis. Thousands of Granite Staters wrote letters to the Public Utilities Commission, contacted their representatives, and showed up at protests across the state to oppose the project before it was defeated in the summer of 2020

“Utility costs have already skyrocketed because of how expensive fracked gas is right now,” said Jennifer Dube, Climate Justice Organizer for 350NH. “Let this be a message to the fossil fuel-reliant companies in New England: we will not allow for more gas expansion in this region, or for utility companies to raise rates for their customers. Utility companies must stop pursuing more fracked gas or else the climate crisis will only get worse, and our bills will only get higher.”

About half of New England’s energy use is from fracked gas. It is expensive, hurts community health, and contributes to the climate crisis. Preventing Liberty Utilities from recovering funds they lost pursuing more fracked gas use is a step in the right direction for New Hampshire. 

350 New Hampshire is pushing for a just transition to clean, renewable energy that puts people and the planet first.


Climate and Peace Groups Rally to End War and Warming

The global call to end fossil fuels was uplifted by climate and peace groups in New Hampshire

CONCORD, NH — Climate and Peace groups rallied in Concord on September 15th to call attention to the connections between climate change, militarism, and fossil fuels. A number of participants at the rally were then heading to New York City for the March to End Fossil Fuels on September 17th

“War and climate issues are deeply intertwined.  Wars are often fought for access to natural resources, they are environmentally devastating where they happen, and the US Pentagon is the largest institutional consumer of fossil fuels in the world.  We are pleased to be a part of a coalition and an event highlighting these connections,” said Amy Antonucci, NH Peace Action board member. 

“In the U.S. we now spend an average of $170 billion each year recovering from climate disasters,” said Em Friedrichs, fellow with 350 New Hampshire. “In the 1980s the average–once we adjust for inflation–was only $13 billion. To those who say a rapid transition away from fossil fuels is too expensive and too disruptive, we can’t afford to not transition–and our farmers, our healthcare providers, and our wildlife all agree with the economics.” 

New Hampshire’s summer of increased flash flooding and thunderstorms showed that now more than ever we need to take action to stop the climate crisis and achieve peace. One in five premature deaths worldwide are caused by the burning of fossil fuels every year. That’s before you factor in all of the other disasters – wars, droughts, fires, flooding, heatwaves, and more – that are being caused by fossil fuels. 

“Climate migration is happening because many people are forced to leave their home countries due to extreme weather situations around the world, many including floods, heat waves, droughts, and wildfires,” said New Hampshire Representative Maria Perez of Milford, NH. “In some cases, like my country, we had many years of war and people didn’t have any other choice but to escape the country to live. Why is migration increasing? Because the world has refused to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and halt rising global average temperature, which leads to more climate disasters.”

“Being part Native American and having lived on the Navajo Reservation taught me to be keenly aware of the circle of life,” said Fawn Gaudet, New Hampshire Indigenous Activist. “For a long time this circle has been broken, and some of the reasons are the effects of militarism and the extraction of fossil fuels on Indigenous lands. I hope for a world without the use of fossil fuels and nuclear weapons and no need for uranium to create them. Let’s harness clean energy. Let’s make sure we have people in public office that will ensure the protection of our planet.”

New Hampshire Peace Action, NH Sierra Club, 350 New Hampshire, NHUCC Peace with Justice Advocates, Granite State Organizing Project, and Climate Action NH planned this rally, recognizing that fossil fuels are a major reason for war and climate disaster. This rally and the March in New York City reinforce the UN Climate Ambition Summit’s call for world leaders to take real steps to lead us off of fossil fuels and protect our people and planet. Thousands of people in New York and across the country are joining the call to end fossil fuels and protect our communities.

Catherine M. Corkery, NH Sierra Club Chapter Director said, “The hottest summer on record brought rain, smoke, heat and the promise of more unpredictable weather events for New Hampshire, North America, and the world. Scientists said to shift away from fossil fuels. We are making progress by revoking all leases for drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, critical land for the Gwich’in People. New Hampshire is making progress with weatherization and energy efficiency programs. But they need to be expanded. Governor Sununu’s resistance to solar energy, passenger trains, energy efficiency and smart grids is from the ideological right; it is cruel. People with the least means are burdened with the highest property taxes and energy bills in the Northeast. We deserve a world free from fossil fuels. This is our chance, and New Hampshire’s opportunity, to break free from fossil fuels and build a just and safe future.”

New Hampshire Peace Action, NH Sierra Club, 350 New Hampshire, NHUCC Peace with Justice Advocates, Granite State Organizing Project, and Climate Action NH had a hand in supporting this rally. Please reach out if you have questions about our organizations. 



350 New Hampshire Statement on Latest IPCC Report

It’s clear: the time for climate action is NOW.

group standing behind a podium where someone is speaking, holding signs that say the climate crisis is here.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released their latest reviews and assessments this week, affirming what we already know: the climate crisis is here, it’s urgent, and we need a rapid, just transition away from fossil fuels to a world that prioritizes climate justice. 

Thousands of expert scientists around the world affirmed that human-caused climate change has led to widespread climate destruction and loss of our nature and our people. The report is extremely clear that the world will surpass 1.5O Celsius of warming if we do not take drastic action. The result will be catastrophic, irrevocable changes to the Earth. Global health, food security, water supply, and nature are at stake – the very things we rely on to survive. 

The report also raises the importance of climate justice. This report affirms that the people who have contributed the least to the climate crisis are the ones impacted the most. Addressing the climate crisis must have a focus on environmental justice that puts resources in the hands of people impacted by climate disasters the most. 

Scientists are clear about the fact that the power is in our hands: how we govern, how we vote, and how we organize will be the difference between further climate destruction and community resilience. 

We have the solutions to prevent further climate disaster but we must fight for the political will to do so. We need a rapid, just transition away from fossil fuels to ensure a livable future for us all. We need to emphasize equitable solutions that prioritize the communities impacted the most by climate destruction. That means more funding for recovery for the Global South, funding for poor coastal communities, and funding for communities living in proximity to polluting power plants. 

In New Hampshire we must close the last coal fired power plant in our region, end proposals for new pipelines, and move quickly to transition to clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar. We must help our farmers adapt to growing food in a changing climate, and relocate communities on the Seacoast experiencing damaging floods. We must address our water quality issues and make sure communities suffering as a result of decades of pollution are cleaned up and compensated.

While the warning bells have been going off for many years, this is not the time to give up. This is the time to get organized. We must prioritize climate justice and prevent politicians and the fossil fuel elite from sacrificing communities for their profits. We must fight to stop new fossil fuel projects, shut down polluters, push forward renewable energy projects in our backyards, and implement adaptation strategies. We cannot afford to let the fossil fuel industry do business as usual. It is time to shut them down and transform our communities into ones that center justice, love, and resilience.

If you aren’t already plugged into 350NH, now’s the time. Send us a message and we’ll help you get involved, or sign up to be a monthly donor.


March Newsletter

After an unusually warm few months of winter, the temperature finally went down and the snow is falling. We are busy pushing for climate action in the legislature and addressing the high costs of utilities. I hope to see you at an event in March – in person or virtual.  If you have questions for us don’t hesitate to reach out!

Elisabeth and Dominic standing outside the state house about to testify for a bill.
We testified at the state house and sent in online testimony from staff and volunteers across the state. Climate deniers in the House Science, Technology, and Energy committee were not happy to see us and blocked a lot of the legislation we supported. We will hold our elected officials accountable for supporting climate action – and vote them out if they won’t. 
four youth team members standing in front of a no asphalt plant in Nashua sign
The 350NH Youth Organizing Team wrote op-eds, distributed lawn signs, and hung a banner in Nashua against the proposed asphalt plant. Our students are preparing for the planning board meeting this month and educating their peers about environmental injustice in our state – from asphalt plant proposals to the ongoing use of coal! Email if you, or a student you know, wants to get involved. 
people standing in the halls of the state house with signs saying invest in NH - people deserve love, housing, recovery services, immigration rights, etc.
We demanded a People’s Budget before Governor Sununu’s budget address! We handed out valentines to all of our Representatives and Senators urging them to “Spread the love” with the budget and invest in our health, education, recovery, climate, and opportunity. We need a budget that has a fair and adequate taxation system, not one that favors wealthy companies.
people standing on a street corner with signs that say shame on invest stop funding cop city, defend the forest, save weelaunee forest, no cop city.
We stood outside Invesco’s NH office demanding they cut ties with the dangerous “Cop City” project in Atlanta, Georgia. Police in Atlanta are trying to destroy the Weelaunee Forest to build a military-style training compound for police from around the world. This project is bad for all of us – we do not need more militarized police, or more climate destruction. Click here for more information about Stop Cop City efforts (And to see which NH businesses are paying for it).
Upcoming Events
March 2nd, 6:00pm: Cost of Living and Utilities Crisis Panel & Discussion
Join us for a conversation about the increased cost of living – from rent to utility rates. We will meet in the Manchester City Library Auditorium! RSVP here

March 5th, 11:00am: Bow Chapter Meeting
Come to the Lewis Farm for a fire pit, warm beverages, and conversations about the work to shut down the coal plant! RSVP here for more details.

March 6th, 7:00pm: No Coal No Gas Onboarding (Virtual)
Get looped into the No Coal No Gas campaign! RSVP here.

March 7th, 6:00pm: All Chapter Gathering (Virtual)
Calling all chapter members! We will gather on zoom to share strategies and talk about what our chapters are up to. RSVP here.

March 11th, 1:00pm: International Women’s Day Rally
Join a collation of local organizations to celebrate International Women’s Day. We will have a family friendly rally with a festive atmosphere to uplift women’s issues, reproductive rights, and LGBTQ+ rights in NH. 

March 16th, 7:00pm: Auction of Horrible Things (Virtual)
No Coal No Gas is holding a parody auction to learn about our regional energy grid operator’s forward capacity auction process and “auction off” other really horrible things! It’ll be lots of laughs and fun – RSVP here.

March 21st, 12:00pm: Cut It Out or Cut It Up: Stop Funding Fossil Fuels
We will join Third Act in a national day of action to deliver a message to banks funding climate destruction. We will gather in front of Bank of America in Concord (118 Storrs Street) to tell big banks to stop funding fossil fuels! RSVP here.

March 23rd, 7:00pm: Say No to Asphalt Plant at Nashua Planning Board Meeting
The hearing is finally here! Come to the Nashua Planning Board meeting at Nashua High School North to voice your opposition to the asphalt plant proposal. Some of our friends and allies will likely be standing outside with signs before the meeting, so stay tuned for more details.

March 27th, 6:00pm: Salem/Nashua Chapter Campaign Planning Workshop
The Salem/Nashua chapter is preparing to launch a campaign together! Join our meeting to learn about campaign planning and help us decide how to move forward together in the fight for climate justice. Email for location information.

March 30th, 12pm-3:30pm: Consumer Liaison Group Meeting
The Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) is a conduit between our regional energy grid operators (ISO-NE) and ratepayers – and last year we elected six of our friends and even more allies to the coordinating committee! Join us at the AC Hotel in Portsmouth for lunch and a meeting – bring your friends and your questions. Here is the link for more information.
Take Action: People Vs. Fossil Fuels
Last month, we met with Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s staff to tell her why she should support a Climate Emergency Declaration. While Congress and President Biden seem excited to ramp up renewable energy production, they still let new fossil fuel projects move forward. An emergency declaration would let Biden stop fossil fuel leasing and invest funds in communities impacted by fossil fuel infrastructure.We will continue pressuring our members of Congress and supporting frontline fossil fuel fights around the country!! Sign up here if you’re interested in learning more about this work!
three people sitting at a table wearing masks with a sign that says the climate crisis is here.

December Newsletter

I can’t believe we are already wrapping up 2022. Thanks to your support we accomplished so much this year! The No Coal No Gas campaign took the case against coal to a jury trial, and sent in hundreds of public comments opposing fossil fuels. Our youth team held multiple rallies this year to push for renewable energy at the state level and ran a successful summer internship program. We launched a campaign to address high utility bills and joined national efforts to stop fossil fuel projects.

Thank you all for supporting our work. Here’s what we have in store for December!

We are excited to have Kendra Ford join us as our Coal Organizer, and for Dominic Osmund to join our team full time as our Legislative Organizer! Kendra has volunteered with No Coal No Gas since 2019 and recently left a 20 year ministry with Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Exeter to join the 350NH staff. Dominic grew up on a sustainable community farm in the midwest and joins our team full time after working on the 2022 elections with us!
We elected a slate of climate activists and allies to the Consumer Liaison Group’s Coordinating Committee for our regional energy grid operators. A record number of attendees were present in person and online to vote in our climate candidates. We will push our regional energy grid operators to transition to renewable energy and make sure ratepayers’ voices are being heard in their business decisions.
Upcoming Events
December 2nd, 11:30am: No Asphalt Plant – In person Visibility
Community groups around Nashua will host a sign-holding event outside of 145 Main Street in Nashua to call attention to the dirty asphalt plant proposal.

December 5th, 5:30pm: Learn how to pass a Warrant Article in your Town (on Zoom)
On Monday, December 5 at 5:30 p.m the NH Network will present citizens who are taking action locally, in their own communities, confronting challenges to the climate and the environment.  Learn how to create a Warrant Article in time for your Town Meeting. Register here.

December 6th, 6:00pm-7:00pm: Climate Movement Messaging Training (on Zoom)
We will cover tips for telling a powerful story about the issues we care about! We will talk about effective strategies for winning the narrative about the climate crisis and combatting the messaging of the fossil fuel industry. RSVP here

December 8th, 7:00-8:30pm: Onboarding with No Coal No Gas (on Zoom)
Want to get involved in the campaign to stop coal in New England? Come meet other members of the campaign and learn how you can plug in. RSVP here.

December 13th, 6:00pm-7:00pm: Recruitment Training (on Zoom)
This might sound straightforward, but we don’t have enough people in this movement yet to win. Join us to talk about recruitment strategy and help us grow our organizing capacity! RSVP here.

December 14th, 6:00pm: Utility Rate Hike Campaign Meeting (on Zoom)
We are hosting Consumer Advocate Don Kreis to talk about the public utilities commission – come get your questions answered about how the PUC works and what we can do to prevent another utility rate hike. RSVP here.

December 15th, 7:00pm: No Coal No Gas Monthly Call (on Zoom)
Join our monthly update with No Coal No Gas! This month we will talk about community building and what plans we have for the winter. RSVP here.

December 20th, 6:00pm-7:30pm: Campaign Planning (on Zoom)
Our vision for the future is one where no one lives with environmental injustice – and to get there we need a solid campaign strategy. Come learn more about developing that strategy to help our chapters win their local campaigns in the coming year! RSVP here.
Take Action
A construction company proposed an asphalt plant for Nashua – in a residential neighborhood where thousands of residents will face the consequences of toxic chemicals in their air and increased traffic from large operations of the proposed plant. Residents in Nashua have been spreading the word, holding visibility events, and preparing for a Nashua Planning Board meeting to be scheduled in January. 
Can you help us spread the word about this toxic plant proposal? Share our petition with your friends by posting it to social media or texting them this link.


October Newsletter

In case you missed it…

We held climate strikes in Nashua, Hanover, Manchester, and Bow to call attention to environmental injustice in New Hampshire. Thank you to everyone who showed up at a strike, and special thanks to the 350NH Youth Team members and volunteers who organized some of them! We need climate justice now – and for more people to join our movement.
We signed up 18 new monthly donors during our monthly donor drive! Thank you to everyone who donated, asked friends to sign up, and shared our social media posts. We rely on grassroots support from people like you, and we are incredibly grateful for it. On behalf of the 350NH Action Team, we thank you!
Some of you may know that we recently received independent nonprofit status. We want to thank NH Peace Action for being an amazing fiscal sponsor over the years! Thank you NHPA for helping us grow and supporting our efforts. Sign up for the NHPA newsletter here.

Upcoming Events

October 3rd, 6:00pm: Get Out the Vote Postcard Writing Party

  • Join us at the Portsmouth Public Library for a get out the vote postcard writing party! We will write postcards to voters to mail ahead of the election in November. Email if you have questions. 

October 6th, 6:00pm: Manchester Chapter Meeting

  • Help the Manchester Chapter strategize for their climate justice campaign. Email to RSVP & get the location for the meeting.

October 18th, 7:00pm: No Coal No Gas Onboarding (virtual)

  • Come learn about the campaign to end coal in New England! This onboarding session will give you an overview of the campaign and help you plug into a working group. RSVP here.

October 20th, 7:00pm: No Coal No Gas Monthly Mass Call (virtual)

  • Make sure you sign up at to get the latest updates from the No Coal No Gas campaign. We’ll send out a monthly call RSVP link soon.

October 27th, 6:00pm: Utility Rate Hike Town Hall with NH Renews

  • Utility rates across NH are skyrocketing – and it’s no coincidence since our government failed to expand renewable energy. Come to NH Renews’ Utility Town Hall to learn more about how this happened, what assistance is available, and what we can do to make a change. This event is hybrid and will have an in-person option as well as a Zoom option. RSVP here.



August Newsletter

NH is in drought across the state, our utility bills are set to double this month, and primary elections are on September 13th. This month is crucial in our fight to stop the fossil fuel industry’s greed and win a just transition to renewable energy. We hope you will take action with us by showing up to an event, canvassing with us, or becoming a monthly donor

– Rebecca Beaulieu (she/her/hers), Communications Director

Rebecca, Elisabeth, and Yangchen posing with postcards while canvassing
We launched our coal canvassing program! We are talking to our neighbors about all things coal – why it’s harmful, what we can do to stop it, and how renewable energy can help us get off of harmful fossil fuels. Join us for a canvassing shift on a Thursday afternoon by signing up here
Group photo of the 350NH team holding no coal in Bow signs
Our team has grown! In case you missed it, we welcomed a new Youth Organizer (Elisabeth), three Electoral Climate Organizers (Sarah, Dominic, and Matthew), and six summer interns (Katie, Yangchen, Sarah, Oishik, Seamus, and Aarika). They have planned some amazing events we hope to see you at this August!
Five people standing behind a table together posing, wearing 350NH t shirts and a Cheese Louise t shirt.
We raised over $1,500 with Cheese Louise! The summer interns spent a day with the team at Cheese Louise to play games and educate people about our campaigns. Thank you to Cheese Louise for featuring 350 New Hampshire for the month of July and supporting our youth organizing team. If you work for a business or group that would like to help us fundraise, check out our business sponsorship opportunities.


Thursdays in August, 2:00pm-5:00pm: Deep Canvass to Stop Coal

  • We will knock doors in the Allenstown/Pembroke area on Thursdays in August to build community and educate people about coal. Sign up for a shift with us! If you want to canvass but can’t do Thursdays, fill out our form anyways and let us know so we can get you the materials you need to canvass on your own.

August 4, 12:00pm: Stop Big Oil’s Greed – Press Conference

  • Big oil is profiteering from the war in Ukraine, driving up gas prices, and raking in record profits while we pay the price. Utility companies are raising rates because of their dependence on oil and gas. Join us for a press conference outside the State House in Concord to call out big oil’s greed! RSVP here.

August 4, 6:00pm: Salem/Nashua Chapter Meeting

  • We will meet at Tuscan Village, 9 Via Toscana, Salem NH to chat about our plans for the end of summer and fall! Email if you have any questions.

August 4, 7:00pm: No Coal No Gas Monthly Call (Virtual)

  • Join our monthly call to talk strategy: how we will shut down the coal plant in Bow. RSVP here.

August 11, 6:00pm: Manchester Chapter LAUNCH

  • That’s right! We’re launching a Manchester local chapter of 350NH. Come to Livingston Park at 6:00pm to build community and talk about the environmental issues facing the Manchester community. Email to let us know you’re coming – there will be food and drinks!

August 13, 5:00pm: Get Out The Vote Rally 

  • Join our summer interns at the State House, where we’ll showcase climate champions running in the upcoming election, and support people in navigating voter registration. It’s time to kick climate deniers out of office and hold our elected officials accountable.

August 18, 8:30pm: Bow Chapter Meeting (Virtual)

  • Join our monthly meeting to discuss ending coal in Bow! Email for the zoom link. 

August 19-21: 350NH Annual Youth Leadership Retreat

August 22, 6:00pm: Seacoast Chapter Meeting

  • We will meet at Prescott Park, 105 Marcy St, Portsmouth NH to discuss our upcoming campaignsl! Email if you have any questions. 
Rebecca shaking Joe Biden's hand.


Now is a pivotal moment to push the President to take bold climate action. Thus far, Congress and the Administration have focused on ramping up renewable energy – which is good – but now it is time to start shutting down fossil fuels. We are glad that Senator Manchin finally reached a deal in Congress, but we also need President Biden to declare a climate emergency.

An emergency declaration would allow Biden to take drastic action to address the climate crisis. Send a letter to the White House now.


July Newsletter

June flew by for us at 350NH! Our team is growing as we prepare for elections and continue our work to hold elected officials accountable for their action (or lack of action) on the climate crisis. There will be even more exciting ways to get involved with 350NH, so stay tuned – and let me know if you want to meet to talk more about our campaign plans!

– Rebecca Beaulieu (she/her/hers), Communications Director

Sarah, Matthew, and Dominic standing in front of the NH state house with posters that say "Climate Deniers Work Here"
We’re excited to welcome three new Electoral Fellows to the 350NH Action Team! Sarah, Matthew, and Dominic will get voters to the polls across New Hampshire this November! They kicked off our efforts to remove climate deniers from the state house with a photo-op in Concord.
Elisabeth wearing a pink jacket and holding a white fluffy cat
We are also excited to introduce our new Youth Campaigns Organizer, Elisabeth! Elisabeth is passionate about climate justice and disruption of  the fossil fuel industry.  She previously focused her policy advocacy work on renewable energy transitions, expanding access to green spaces, strengthening public transportation, and building walkable community systems.
crowd of youth and supporters in front of the NH state house
Six wonderful youth interns joined our team! Katie, Aarika, Oishik, Sarah, Yangchen, and Seamus joined our team to work on building youth power in the state, holding our elected officials accountable, and winning a renewable energy future free from coal. If you’re a high school student in NH and want to get involved, email
Cheese Louise restaurant
For the month of July, we’re partnering with Cheese Louise for “Cheesin’ for a Reason.” For the entire month of July, Cheese Louise will donate $5 to 350NH for each weekly special sandwich sold. Stop by their Conway location this month to support 350NH!
The 10 NH Conservation Districts are excited to announce a small grant opportunity to improve your local farm’s resilience through climate adaptation or mitigation projects. We encourage you to apply for the first application round of the New Hampshire Conservation Districts Climate Resilience Grant! Applications are due by July 29th, 2022.
Interested applicants can contact their conservation district for more information:


Eversource and Liberty Utilities plan to DOUBLE our utility bills in NH, thanks to the Sununu-appointed public utilities commission. Governor Sununu is more interested in protecting Eversource’s corporate profits than in expanding renewable energy and making our utilities more affordable.

Sign our petition today so we can tell Sununu these actions are unacceptable.


June Newsletter

Happy June! We are preparing for a busy summer and welcoming new organizers and youth interns to our team. If you’d like to get more involved but don’t know where to start, please reach out. 

people in canoes holding a big sign that says NO COAL NO GAS
We submitted over 150 comments opposing fossil fuel subsidies for the coal plant in Bow! Regional energy grid regulators responded by claiming that written protest to their subsidies is “beyond the scope of this process.” They don’t want the general public to have a say in their business practices, but we won’t let them get away with trying to maintain our dependence on fossil fuels.
group of 350NH community members standing in a circle in a big spacious barn.
We threw a party to celebrate our 350NH community! It is easy to feel despair at the state of our climate, but it’s important that we make time to celebrate our accomplishments. Thank you to our board members, staff team, and countless volunteers who organized the party, and who helped us grow into the organization that we are today! Remember that you can connect with volunteers across the state through our community Facebook page.


June 4, 9:00am: Chase Bank – Stop Funding Fossil Fuels

  • XR NH is calling out JPMorgan Chase for financing coal, oil, gas, and companies like Granite Shore Power. Meet at 786 Elm St in Manchester to take action.

June 5, 8:00pm: 350NH Youth Team Game Night & Wrap Up (Virtual)

  • Are you a high school student in NH? Come to the 350NH Youth Team’s last official meeting of the school year. We’ll wrap up official organizing plans and have fun playing virtual games! Email to get the meeting link.

June 7, 2:00pm: Upper Valley Chapter Meeting (Virtual)

  • Join the Upper Valley chapter. Email for the meeting link.

June 11, 1:00pm: March for Our Lives – Nashua

  • Our student leaders from Nashua are having a March for Our Lives protest in response to the school shooting in Uvalde. Show up to support our youth and end gun violence – More details in their Facebook event.

June 13, 4:00pm: Seacoast Chapter Meeting (Virtual)

  • Join the fight for renewable energy on the Seacoast! Email for the meeting link.

June 15, 6:00pm: Exeter Chapter Meeting (Virtual)

  • Get involved in local organizing for community power. Email for the meeting link.

June 21, 6:00pm: Salem/Nashua Chapter Meeting (Virtual)

June 23, 7:00pm-8:30pm: No Coal No Gas Monthly Call (Virtual)

  • Check in with our campaign to end coal in New England! RSVP here.

June 23, 8:30pm: Bow Chapter Meeting (Virtual)

  • Join the local campaign to shut down the coal plant in Bow. Email for the meeting link.


Joe Biden’s “Justice 40” plan calls for 40% of climate investments to go to the communities most impacted by the climate crisis and pollution. There’s one glaring problem: Race isn’t being considered as a factor in which communities are most harmed. This must change.

If we’re finally getting tangible climate action for frontline communities, we need to do it right by incorporating racial justice into the plans. Send a letter to the White House today to call on Joe Biden to include racial justice in his Justice 40 plan.

Thank you for Your Support!


May Newsletter

The bulbs we planted last October are blooming at Merrimack Station! And we are excited to watch the climate movement in New Hampshire grow, too, as we invite more people into our work. If you’d like to talk more about how you can get involved, I’d love to set up a call with you!

– Rebecca Beaulieu (she/her/hers), Communications Director


We rallied on Earth Day to call for a Climate Action Plan for New Hampshire! Legislators in Concord are standing in the way of bills to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, expand renewable energy, and address the impending impacts of the climate crisis. The speeches called on the public to get involved and fight for change.
We called out Governor Sununu for his inaction at a rally in Concord! We need investments in renewable energy, infrastructure, economic justice, racial justice, and environmental justice. Send a letter to Governor Sununu to advance offshore wind energy today. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images for 350 NH & RAD NH)
No Coal No Gas rallied in Worcester to end fossil fuel subsidies in New England. The grid operators’ latest report says coal will be off the grid by 2025, but they are still forcing us to pay for dirty coal in Bow. It’s time to end fossil fuel handouts and transition to renewable energy!
We’ve submitted nearly 120 comments opposing fossil fuel subsidies so far! We are making our voices heard in the regulatory process; meanwhile, our energy grid operators give handouts to the coal plant in Bow. We can submit public comments until May 5th – if you still need to write yours, here’s the link to the instructions!

Don’t forget to check out our Events Page for upcoming meetings, events, and actions this May!


CONCORD, NH – APRIL 23: 350 NH and RAD NH host a seed swap and community rally outside of the New Hampshire State House on April 23, 2022 in Concord, New Hampshire. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images for 350 NH & RAD NH)

Write to your Representative to OPPOSE SB424. If passed, this bill would result in higher energy bills and more greenhouse gas emissions. It does not provide cost protections for ratepayers or environmental protections for the general public. Ratepayers should not have to pay for higher methane emissions.