350NH is dedicated to bringing climate change to the forefront to the minds of those who live, work, and play in New Hampshire. The mission of 350NH is to support New Hampshire’s environment, society, and economy by reducing CO2 emissions to a level below 350 parts per million. Our goals are to promote the use of clean and renewable energy sources and to phase out polluting and non-renewable energy sources.

In particular, 350NH promotes deep reductions in CO2 emissions through education, community organizing, legislative lobbying, and direct public action.

How We Came to Be

350NH came together in August of 2012. In February of 2013 a meeting was called in which approximately 30 people attended. From that group the Leadership Committee arose. The Leadership Committee has been meeting since March 2013 putting the chapter together, creating events, initiating conversation around tar sands, fossil fuels, and climate change.

350NH, a NH Peace Action Special Project

350NH’s tax exempt status comes through New Hampshire Peace Action, our parent organization. Please donate to keep 350NH’s drums beating!



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