350 New Hampshire is pleased to announce that we had two kick-off meetings over the past few weeks. The meetings were facilitated by Griffin Sinclair-Wingate and 350NH leaders at venues in Durham and Concord.  At the meetings, 350NH announced regional working groups, also known as ‘nodes’.  350NH is a group of community members concerned about climate change.

Since President Trump made his decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord, many people have been looking for a way to become active in fighting for climate justice on the local scale. 350NH is providing that opportunity for people.  Climate change is affecting the health and welfare of NH’s residents, environment, and economy.  350NH will not back down!

Each meeting had around 20 attendees and there was a significant amount of people that were unable to attend.  After a brief review of the current projects 350NH is working on, each person was able to share what their interests and desires in joining 350NH were.  Afterward, attendees broke out into small groups to discuss projects and ideas for the summer.

The Central Node decided to focus on meeting with Legislators over the summer and pushing municipalities to uphold the Paris Climate Accord, in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Seacoast node will be working on an art installationIMG_3790 to represent sea level rise in Portsmouth.  The group is also organizing a panel to discuss the connections between climate change, immigration, racism, and economic stability.  Each person was also offered the opportunity to get involved with a 350NH’s offshore wind campaign and the 350NH legislative team.

Anyone interested in the life and health of their children or grandchildren, the millions of people expected to be displaced by climate change, or the long-term stability of our economy is encouraged to join 350NH.  Please visit our website at 350nh.org or our facebook page @350NH.