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The Climate Crisis is Hitting NH

Climate change has arrived in NH. This week severe flooding on the Seacoast caused power outages and trapped residents inside their homes. The flooding from this one storm cost New Hampshire tax payers thousands of dollars in damages and immeasurable risks to our health and environment from the pollution of trash and debris swept up from the road.

(photo from Brianna OBrien taken in Hampton, NH)

As the climate crisis continues to get worse and the sea level rises, storms and floods increase in frequency and severity. High tides are creeping up higher and higher, causing more damage to the Seacoast during flooding events. Parts of Route 1A could be regularly under water at the rate that sea levels are rising. Businesses and residents near the ocean will have to decide whether to adapt to increased flooding or relocate to avoid further disasters. 


(photo from Brianna OBrien, taken in Hampton, NH)

New Hampshire needs to take action now in order to mitigate the worst effects of the climate crisis. We need to transition away from the fossil fuels that are causing the climate crisis and build renewable energy to power our communities. New Hampshire can save our coastal communities by investing in offshore wind, solar energy, heat pumps, increased energy efficiency and adaptation. We have the technology and policy solutions to make this happen but we’ll need to force our elected officials to act. It’s time to stop burning coal and kick climate denying legislators out of office. 

The climate crisis is fueling climate disasters here and around the world – it’s time to drastically change our energy systems before it is too late. 

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