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Solar Energy 101 and Energy Democracy with ReVision Energy

Join us for Solar 101 with local experts and a deeper look at the systemic issues standing in the way of energy democracy and a transition to renewables in NH.  Pizza will be served!

Climate change is happening now and people around the world are paying the price.  We know that we need to transition to renewable energy to avoid catastrophic climate change but the fossil fuel industry and their stranglehold on our political system stand in the way.

Join us for a discussion on Energy Democracy and for a deeper look into solar energy, the solution happening here and now in NH.  What are the ways in which our government is holding us back, and what are green businesses like ReVision and nonprofits like 350NH doing to create systemic change?

Find out what makes your home a good site for solar panels, how much these systems cost, and what you can expect for a return on investment. How do hot water systems, efficient electric heating, and battery storage work, and could they be right for you?

  • Where: 350NH Dover Coworking Space-1 Washington St Suite #320
  • When: Thursday June 28th from 5:00-7:00
  • What: Solar 101 and Energy Democracy in NH

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