Public Comment on NH’s Energy Strategy

Governor Sununu’s staff will be traveling the state on a listening tour to hear what your community wants in NH’s 10 Year Energy Strategy.  This is a HUGE opportunity for us to push for a transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewables.  As you know, if we can transition to 100% renewable energy we will avoid catastrophic climate change and create new good paying jobs.

The listening tour will be conducted by the Office of Strategic Initiatives (previously the Office of Energy Planning). We need to attend their public comment sessions and demand…

  1. Governor Sununu requests an offshore wind task force from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. This is the first step in bringing offshore wind to NH.
  2. New Hampshire joins the growing list of states who commit to upholding the Paris Climate Accord by reaching 100% renewable energy by 2050.
  3. New Hampshire halts any investment or construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Sign up below attend the Portsmouth, Concord or Dublin public comment session.  To see all the public comment sessions click here.


Offshore Wind Resolution Passes In Portsmouth

The Portsmouth City Council passed a resolution calling on Governor Sununu to start the process for bringing offshore wind to New Hampshire. This would mean requesting a task force from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.  The Task Force would survey the coast of New Hampshire and speak with the community to determine the viability of an offshore wind farm in New Hampshire.  If it seemed viable the task force would start a leasing process.

We need to transition toward renewable energy because of the harmful effects fossil fuels are having on our climate.  The construction of an offshore wind farm in NH could bring new good paying jobs to New Hampshire and stimulate our economy. Durham and Dover have already passed resolutions supporting offshore wind and Lee will be voting on a warrant article in support of offshore wind in March.  

During the campaign trail Governor Sununu said he would request an offshore wind task force if there was community support for it. 350 New Hampshire along with the Seacoast Anti-Pollution League and ECHO Action are working to pass resolutions, rally businesses, and find partner organizations to show the governor there is support for offshore wind.

See the testimonies given in support of offshore wind here, here and here.