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Comment before Dec. 1st on EPA’s Clean Power Plan!

Carbon has been in the news a lot lately, as climate change becomes more prevalent in policy discussion and news outlets. Carbon dioxide produced by humans is the primary driver of climate change. Scientists have determined that 350 parts per million is the maximum safe level of carbon in the atmosphere, if we wish to avoid a run-away climate catastrophe. Today that ratio stands at over 400 parts per million. The importance of regulating carbon emissions cannot be stressed enough.


The EPA’s Clean Power Plan is a major move toward regulating carbon emissions from power plants. This is a vital step as other attempts to regulate carbon from stationary sources through litigation have ended with the Supreme Court affirming the responsibility of the EPA to regulate carbon under the Clean Air Act. The rule-making in progress is critical for the EPA to begin to address carbon emissions from power plants in the near term, and any future regulation of other permanent sources.

This process has been working for some time and the new rules are moving toward the end of their extended public comment period December 1. There is still time to make your voice heard! The more the EPA hears from the public in support of carbon regulations the better. The plan can be found here.

Instructions for posting comments and the necessary links are here.

For general, if not expert, questions about this, feel free to contact Chris Whiteman at chris.a.whiteman@gmail.com.

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