Hi! My name is Devi and I’m a poet and environmental journalist from New Hampshire. me

For the last four years I have been traveling in 11+ countries, mostly on my bicycle, on a mission to collect 1,001 stories from people I meet about water and climate change.
When people are comfortable with it, I make an audio recording of their story. To date I have made over 650 recordings in the USA, Fiji, Tuvalu, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Qatar, Morocco, and the U.K.
I’m working to make a map on a website where you can click on a point and listen to a story someone has told me from that place. Down the line, I hope that the map will be participatory, too, so that you can record and upload your own stories about water and climate change.
I want this map to be a resource for educators and policy makers in New Hampshire and beyond. The more we know about a problem as tangled and complex as climate change, the more urgent it becomes to take action.
Right now I’m recording stories in Montreal, and in the coming months I’ll be collecting stories in Chengdu, Beijing, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Chicago.
I’ll be back in New Hampshire in late September, and look forward to meeting some of you then & recording your stories. I would love your input on how my work can best be a resource for our beautiful state.
In the meantime, you can follow along with my journey on Facebook and on my blog.

More soon,


Devi K. Lockwood

poet / touring cyclist / storyteller
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