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Our remote teams are new to 350 New Hampshire! We are starting remote teams or working groups, specifically to support 350 New Hampshire with our media outreach, graphic design, grassroots fundraising, and building our base of supporters.

These teams are great for people who don’t live near a chapter or have a particular interest in an area of work and would like to volunteer their time to help out!


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You can still support 350NH without living near a chapter

Support 350 New Hampshire’s climcate change fight by joining one of the following teams: media , graphic design, grassroots fundraising, or outreach. Volunteers can work remotely from their own homes and don’t need to be a member of a local 350NH chapter.

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How we’ll stop climate change and save our economy

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build a strong and resilient community
push leaders to develop renewable energy in NH

Our Plan

stop construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure

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As a small organization, we need your donations to continue our fight against climate change