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Optimism in the Face of Defeat

On Wednesday, March 8th, I rode in a car full of old friends and new friends alike to Concord, New Hampshire to protest House Bill 368. The bill concerns the heating of some state-owned buildings in Concord and is proposing that Concord Steam, the current facility providing the municipal heating through biomass, be replaced with (More...)

Early Bird Tickets on Sale Now!

Ride with us to DC! We’re sending buses from NH to DC for the People’s Climate March. Get your Early Bird reduced rate and more information here: nhpcmbus.eventbrite.com   (More...)

Stop HB 368

.Currently, the state house, Concord high school, and many other Concord buildings are powered by a biomass facility that needs renovation.  There has been an offer from Green City Power to do a 20 million dollar renovation of the biomass facility which would allow it to continue running off biomass. HB 368 would have taxpayers (More...)

How to Get Involved

Since the election, I have talked to many people who are hungry for a way to create change.  If you are one of those people this is your opportunity to find a role in the NH climate movement.  350 NH has five teams working on projects that will defend what we have already accomplished and double (More...)

Mass Mobilization

350 NH will be sending as many people as we can down to the Peoples Climate Mobilization in Washington D.C on April 29th.  We will have more information coming soon but now please sign up or donate using the links below. Sign Up      Donate   (More...)