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Offshore Wind

Wind energy to power all of NH

Sea levels are rising, weather is intensifying and our communities are at risk. In order to avoid catastrophic climate crisis, we need to transition to renewable energy but our politicians have failed to act. It is up to us to lead the way to renewable energy at the local and statewide level.

For New Hampshire, this means offshore wind energy. There is enough wind capacity off the coast of NH to generate enough to energy supply to the entire state.

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Granite Bridge Pipeline

Granite Bridge Pipeline

Liberty Utilities proposes to build a fracked gas pipeline from Manchester to Stratham and a storage facility to hold 2 Billion cubic feet of fracked gas in Epping.

The Granite Bridge is a poor economic investment, a threat to our health and wellbeing, and will further propel us towards climate crisis. Building the Granite Bridge stands directly in the way of reaching our 100 percent renewable energy goal.

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No Coal, No Gas

Close Merrimack Generating Station

In July of 2019, 350NH joined the No Coal No Gas coalition aimed to shut down the coal-fired power plant in Bow, New Hampshire.

The Merrimack Generating Station in Bow, New Hampshire is the last major coal-fired power plant in New England without a shut down date. In just one hour, this plant emits as much carbon as the average American does in 26 years. If we have any chance of stopping the climate crisis, we cannot continue to burn coal.

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NH Renews

We have the people power to end the use of fossil fuels

NH Renews is a new and growing coalition of leading grassroots organizations, labor unions, racial justice groups, frontline communities, and environmental advocates. We’ve come together to address our region’s overlapping crises: mass unemployment, racial injustice, the coronavirus pandemic, and climate change. We’re developing policies and programs, conducting public education and building grassroots power to achieve a region-wide Jobs Guarantee, universal healthcare, affordable housing, racial justice, and bold climate action.

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