350 New Hampshire

About 350NH

Community-led climate change activism

About 350NH

People Power for Climate Justice

350NH is a multigenerational movement working to advance a just transition to a renewable energy economy and an end to our society’s dependence on fossil fuels. We are building the movement for climate justice and working for local and national systemic change.

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Our Mission

Stop the climate crisis by building grassroots support for a just transition to renewable energy and an end to fossil fuel use and expansion. We envision a society with a renewable energy economy that works for all people, where all communities live free of environmental injustice and climate catastrophe.

How We Work

Working together to stop the climate crisis.

We run statewide campaigns to implement our strategy.  Regional organizing chapters, remote teams, and the 350NH Youth Organizing Team support statewide work and run locally focused campaigns. We started as a small group of activists, teachers, students and farmers and have grown into a thriving statewide organization with four full time staff and thousands of members. Volunteers make up the vast majority of our movement.  We are an independent affiliate of 350.org and a leading member of the network of 160 plus local 350 groups in the USA. We are not legally or financially connected to 350.org national.

Our campaigns are focused on specific concerns and watchdog issues that anyone from NH can get involved in.  Chapters are regional working groups who strengthen the climate movement in their communities and support 350NH campaigns. Remote teams focus on supporting the organization in specific categories: through media, outreach, fundraising, and art. The Youth Organizing Program guides high school students through climate organizing at their schools and in their communities. Trainings and community-building events are offered throughout the year and are planned by staff and volunteers.

We invite anyone to join us. Go to “Take Action” to sign up for a local chapter, team, or become a monthly sustaining member. We need you and appreciate you! To start a chapter, find three people who want to work on climate justice issues in your community, and then connect with a 350NH staff member. It’s that easy!

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How we’ll stop climate change and save our economy

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build a strong and resilient community
push leaders to develop renewable energy in NH

Our Plan

stop construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure

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Our History

Climate activism since 2012

For years we have been lied to by the fossil fuel elite.  We’ve been told that if we just change our light bulbs and shut off the lights, we’ll all be fine.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. To stop the climate crisis, we need broad systemic and structural change to ensure a  just transition to 100% renewable energy.

We envision an energy-independent NH, powering our homes and our businesses with sun and wind. We are fighting for an NH free from the fear of a rising sea and climate disasters, and we are building the movement to get there. We need you, and your friends, and your neighbors, and their families, and their teachers, and their kids. We need everyone in this movement because together, we can make NH a leader in preventing climate chaos.


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350 New Hampshire Action

350 New Hampshire Action, the political sister organization of 350NH, is fighting to put climate champions in elected offices.

Engage with candidates on the campaign trail, promote actions that move us off of fossil fuels, and stand up for climate justice in NH and the US. Learn more

350NH & 350.org

Independent and focused on NH

350NH is an independent local affiliate of 350.org National. That means wWe are run by and for the people of New Hampshire, and that we do all of our own fundraising and make all our own decisions. 350NH shares many goals and much of our branding with 350.org, and we work together as partner organizations.

We welcome your questions about our relationship with 350.org: email lila@350nh.org

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As a small organization, we need your donations to continue our fight against climate change